Wizards of the Coast Cancels Multiple Video Game Projects

Wizards of the Coast, which is best known for its tabletop game, Dungeons & Dragons, has canceled multiple video games and projects. The company is cutting back on its investments in the video gaming industry as it looks to focus on existing brands and games. But while Wizards has been active in the games industry for years, it has yet to achieve a major breakthrough title. However, there is potential for new games in the future.

Several internal and external studios have been affected by Wizards of the Coast’s video game cancellations. Bellevue, Washington-based Hidden Path Entertainment is one of the companies that had a deal with Wizards. They had been working on a WotC-themed video game.

Otherside Entertainment, which is based in Boston, Massachusetts, was also involved in a deal with Wizards. They were working on a game set in the Forgotten Realms. This project was supposed to be part of a system-shock title, but Wizards of the Coast cancelled the project.

During a recent financial period, Hasbro, the parent company of Wizards of the Coast, had a difficult time. Fortunately, the company plans to make changes to its “Brand Blueprint” business model to focus on fewer brands. Those brands are geared toward building different IPs. It will be a tough reorganization for independent studios that work with Wizards of the Coast.

Wizards of the Coast has had a successful push into the digital space with its Magic: The Gathering Arena. The company also has two video games in development. One is a sequel to the game Baldur’s Gate, and the other is a game that’s been in early access for over two years. Nevertheless, Wizards of the Coast hasn’t yet confirmed which of the two projects it’s scrapping. In the meantime, employees of the company will be given opportunities to apply for new jobs within the company.

Some of the other developers involved in Wizards of the Coast’s video game projects include Skeleton Key Studios, Invoke Games, and Archetype Entertainment. These companies are involved in the creation of a narrative RPG in a new science fiction universe. Additionally, Larian Studios is collaborating with Wizards of the Coast on a video game called Dark Alliance. There are a few other projects that are still in development.

Although Wizards of the Coast hasn’t officially announced which games it has canceled, it is expected to lay off at least 15 workers. However, there’s no indication whether those positions will be filled. Depending on the nature of the projects, some of the studios involved may not be able to finish their projects, and they might even be out of a job.

Wizards of the Coast has made a commitment to digital games and has opened several development studios. There’s no way to know how this will affect the other studios that are working on the publisher’s titles. Still, the company has an abundance of source material that they can use for a future game.

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