Play With An Emo Mouse Boss and a Moron Cat in R.I.P City Slot!

Play with Emo Mouse Boss and Stupid Cat RI


Tom and Jerry fans, a new madcap duo has landed on BitStarz to cause mayhem. I’m talking €250,000.

RIP City Slot is pop art, punk rock, and cool TV comedy. It is also somewhat colorblind friendly (very compassionate).

If I was one of the Gen Zers and paired the kick-ass ripped-jeans look with Crocs, I would buy this slot’s sticker set. And I love the neon vibe. too cool.

But I’m not Gen Z, and I’m not hip enough to own a Croc (maybe fortunately), so I can live out my cool fantasies here. I’ll take you with me, so it doesn’t matter…

No Limit City, are you?

if you are a player of city ​​without limits You might think that RIP City’s slots come from there. All that is missing is perfect debauchery.

But NLC isn’t the only one tackling dirtier adult content. hacksaw game I do that too. And they do it well. If you’re unfamiliar with their portfolio, I really recommend checking them out.

RIP City slot leaves a lot to the imagination, and my guess is that emo mafia rat boss Maxx isn’t doing a good job, leaving the dirty work to his emo stupid cat friend Ro$$. Jeez.

Anyway, that’s my take and I’ll stick to it. I’m sure you’ll come up with something wild too.

Play-With-An Emo-Mouse-Boss-and-a-Moron-Cat-in-Rip_01

Meet Maxx and Ro$$ Bonus Rounds

in the main game RIP City Slot, you’ll probably notice that Ro$$’s mouth extends all the way down the row where his face lands in the most exaggerated way ever. This is because he acts as an expanding wild.

When expanding wilds outgrow regular wilds, they introduce multipliers from 2x to 200x, adding to the already great features of the slot.

It’s no surprise that Ro$$ bonuses feature a lot of long-jawed Ro$$ cats. 10 free spins are available here.

Play-With-An Emo-Mouse-Boss-and-a-Moron-Cat-in-Rip_02

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Ro$$ is also everything when it comes to Maxx bonuses… each reel activates for a wildcat, so you get 10 free spins to use to land wildcats on the reels. A wildcat that lands on it.

I had a great time with these bonus games. moderate volatility This is fine. Of course I used the bonus buy feature to trigger them and checked both.

Play-With-An Emo-Mouse-Boss-and-a-Moron-Cat-in-Rip_03

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Are you ready to suck this slot?

RIP City Slot It’s a treat. I appreciate the humor, graphics and most importantly the gameplay. I bet you think so too. It’s non-aggressive (*cough* NLC) and lots of fun.

with 96.22% RTP And some cool features, you have a good chance of getting some luck with this. All you need to do is try. So why not give BitStarz a try?


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