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Disappeared Bitcoin Creditors (Bitcoin/USD) Crypto exchange Mt. Gox needs to be a little more patient as it awaits repayment from the rehabilitation trustee.

This is because the court has extended the deadline for creditors to choose and register their preferred repayment method. Cryptocurrencybank wire and direct debit.

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Registration deadline changed to March 10, 2023

according to update The court has allowed creditors to extend the deadline for registering beneficiary information, according to Mt. Gox trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi. Initially, the selection and registration of this information he was set to end on January 10, 2023.

However, due to factors such as the progress of the rehabilitation creditors, the Trustee has elected to extend the deadline until March 10, 2023. Some of the updates are:

“Rehabilitation creditors who have already completed selection registration do not need to register selection again, and these creditors can change their selection registration until the new deadline.”

Nevertheless, creditors are advised not to change the beneficiary details too much so that the trustee can complete the verification and start making payments as soon as possible after March 10, 2023. .

The trustee reminded all creditors that they will not receive payments if they do not provide their beneficiary details within the stipulated period.

Such creditors are required to bring applicable documentation to Mt.Gox Ltd. headquarters or other designated location and payment will be made within the year. Japanese yen (cash).

As for when Mt. Gox’s first creditors will receive their payments, Kobayashi said new deadlines have been set. was changed to September 30, 2023.

Mt.Gox collapsed in February 2014, and the cryptocurrency exchange went bankrupt following one of the biggest hacks in crypto history.Notably, around 850,000 bitcoins were stolen in the robbery, and after a long wait, creditors Started filing rehabilitation claims in 2018.

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