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What the hell is wrong with us?


What the hell is wrong with us?

In light of Charlottesville, the melting pot that is supposed to be our nation is melting down. There are two reasons why.

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Newsflash: I don’t know everything.

As someone who was raised by Greek, Lithuanian, and German grandparents, I know a few things.

1) Never throw away food.
2) Work hard and good things happen.
3) Don’t waste your money.
4) Have friends that don’t look like you and you will learn a lot.
5) Ask questions.

So my question this week is this. What the hell is wrong with us? The events of the past week nationally have me asking this question. The melting pot that is supposed to be our nation is melting down over what? Ignorance and a lack of manners.

Since 9/11, every time an Islamic terrorist organization has either executed or attempted a terrorist attack, every alt to center right radio show demanded an apology and a denouncing of not only the act, but damn near their faith. And if there was any hesitation or comparative thought during their denouncement, they were called an a apologist for evil.

So, after this weekend’s events in Charlottesville, as a Caucasian male citizen of the United States, I condemn these Neo-Nazi, white-supremacist, alt-right thugs. If you find any agreeable attributes with the “nationalists” that were protesting, bottomline, you’re a hick with zero redeeming qualities.

Also, if you find anything positive about the Confederate States of America and their “State’s Rights” campaign also known as the Civil War, here’s another newsflash, you lost. General William Tecumseh Sherman took care of the penalty. And if you actually paid attention in 5th grade World History, the tank that was built to kill Nazis starting in 1942, was a Sherman tank. Kinda cute right?

Find me another nation that allows monuments raised to honor losers. I’ll wait….

In regards to the counter protesters, I do have questions for them. And there is a way to do that. Talking with people who not only don’t agree with you, but actually really don’t like you is not only difficult and necessary, but its called something else. It’s called being an adult.

This I do know: it’s time we all start acting like one.

Photo: Ryan Kelly, The Daily Progress

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Jim Verros

Jim Verros is the Editor-At-Large of CVObserver and senior partner of Olympic Property Services. He is a frequent contributor to KSEE24 and KMJ.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. john trapane

    August 15, 2017 at 8:44 am

    I was all on board with what you said there except… The use of the work “hick”, implies southern people. I am not from the South, but I live in the South, and not ALL OF US believe these things. And there are PLENTY of people who view the world this way that DON’T live in the South. #detroit Stereotypes are bad, all the way around.
    Other than that, spot on…

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