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‘EMBARRASSING’: Fresno State reaching for lowest low


‘EMBARRASSING’: Fresno State reaching for lowest low

If you feel like you’re reliving 2011, you’re not alone.

For it being homecoming, the Fresno State Bulldogs resembled a doormat during the latest Mountain West matchup against Utah State, losing 56-14.

The dismal performance started very early.

Less than an hour before kickoff, Bee writer Tomas Kassahun posted this photo:

We all know about the games athletics departments play with attendance numbers, there’s reasons to be suspicious of attendance being in excess of 30,000 people.

To add insult to injury, head coach Tim DeRuyter decided to bench starter QB Zach Greenlee – who was charged with underaged drinking by the Fresno County District Attorney – and start redshirt freshman Kilton Anderson.

In line with the Fresno State’s recent track record of tinkering with QB decisions, Anderson reportedly was told of his start on Saturday morning.

His performance, which opened with a first-pass interception, would normally be shrugged off as newbie jitters. Except he’s the fourth quarterback to start for the Bulldogs in six weeks.

The question now, rightfully being raised by The Bee‘s Marek Warszawski, is will the team win again in 2015?

The overall fan reaction can be best summated in this tweet by diehard Dog fans:

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