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  • Election 2016

    Cash Dash: How Valley Assembly candidates fared

    By August 11, 2015

    When Sacramento lobbyists like a candidate, they skip the $20 handshake and go directly for the bearhug. And boy, did Joaquin Arambula get one heck of an embrace from Sacramento. Aided by his hopeful predecessor, Asm....

  • Rankings on Rankings

    POLL: Which Fresno bar should be on the city’s 10 Worst Bars list?

    By August 10, 2015

    The Fresno Bee’s George Hostetter reported on the bad bars of Fresno – the ones which give the State of California and City of Fresno a nasty hangover on a whole range of issues – and...

  • Small Gov

    Is Brooke Ashjian backing a recall of his FUSD colleagues?

    By August 6, 2015

    Strange things are afoot at Fresno Unified. New revelations of Fresno Unified’s Gastongate scandal coupled with a possible campaign to remove Superintendent Michael Hanson’s four “useful idiots” have made this week quite an interesting one....

  • Small Gov

    Hanford Tea Party balks at CUTTING regulation

    By August 5, 2015

    In case you missed the headlines, Hanford is in the middle of an economic expansion. More recently, the city began eliminating onerous planning regulations that restrained Hanford’s full economic potential. Despite the fact that the...

  • Exclusive

    Mark Arax drops a BOMB on Fresno Unified

    By August 4, 2015

    Mark Arax is known for dropping a few bombshells in his time. In Fresno, he’s perhaps best known for his Los Angeles Times reports on Operation Rezone, the political corruption scandal involving big-name developers and city politicians....

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