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  • Small Gov

    Bee drops a bomb on Useful Idiots

    By June 25, 2015

    Michael Hanson’s Useful Idiots are probably hiding in the air raid shelter, because the Fresno Bee Editorial Board just dropped some high-tonnage truth bombs on them. In an editorial running in today’s Bee, The Ed...

  • Big Gov

    Brown promotes, rather than fires, ALRB shyster

    By June 25, 2015

    Gerawan Farming’s dispute with the UFW runs through California’s inane Agriculture Labor Relations Board, a state agency solely resposible for handling labor disputes between farmers and farmworkers. In the middle of the fever pitched battle between...

  • Small Gov

    Swearengin to budget critics: Can It

    By June 24, 2015

    Ashley Swearengin won’t take lip from anybody. It doesn’t matter if it’s about planning or her coveted budget. The 2016 budget, perhaps one of the jolliest City Hall undertakings in Swearengin’s seven years in office, hit...

  • Election 2016

    Where did all the Costa challengers go?

    By June 24, 2015

    It seems like yesterday that the Central Valley nearly crowned Johnny Tacherra a member of Congress.  Not long before that, now State Sen. Andy Vidak was similarly on the brink of capturing a seat. Both...

  • Exclusive

    Big Lie: FUSD lawyer told court “No preconstruction agreement exists”

    By June 22, 2015

    For weeks, the official line from Fresno Unified was that Board members were aware that the district had a sweetheart preconstruction deal with Harris Construction on Gaston Middle School. However, not long ago, Fresno Unified’s attorney was denying the...

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