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  • Exclusive

    McEwen staying at the Bee

    By October 8, 2015

    Fresno Bee Editorial Page editor Bill McEwen has apparently had a change of heart and will remain at the paper, associate editor Gail Marshall announced on Facebook. In a widely trumpeted announcement on Monday, McEwen...

  • Election 2016

    David Valadao announces his endorsement for President

    By October 7, 2015

    A piece of the 2016 presidential horse race made its way to the Central Valley. Today, Rep. David Valadao announced his endorsement in the Republican primary for President. For those holding out for a Donald...

  • Election 2016

    Crocker seizes momentum in Tulare Supes race

    By October 7, 2015

    We called it the young, the experienced, and the restless. Now, it seems the Ishida Primary is turning into the frontrunner, the experienced and the restless. Kuyler Crocker, the young gun who entered the race...

  • Crime & Punishment

    TURNOVER: DA files charges against Fresno State QB

    By October 7, 2015

    The Fresno County DA’s office filed charges against Fresno State quarterback Zach Greenlee Thursday following his arrest by Fresno Police officers for underage drinking at a party three weeks ago. Greenlee, 20, was charged with...

  • Schools

    Evidence of Measure Q committee disappears

    By October 6, 2015

    Something is rotten in the Fresno County elections office. Documents and information surrounding the Yes on Measure Q committee appear to no longer available to the public.  CVObserver conducted a full search that, for multiple Measure...

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