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  • Big Gov

    Chukchansi is still a mess

    By August 18, 2015

    Chukchansi has spent much of 2014 in a perpetual state of disarray. In a single weekend, like Al Pacino in The Godfather Part III, Chukchansi seemed to be out and then pulled back into disarray....

  • Election 2016

    FREE pac(k)s a punch on Fresno Unified

    By August 13, 2015

    Fresno Unified is back in the news after a political action committee — Fresnans for Responsibility and Ethics in Education (FREE) — landed on the scene. After immediately calling for Superintendent Michael Hanson to resign...

  • Election 2016

    Cash Dash: How Valley Assembly candidates fared

    By August 11, 2015

    When Sacramento lobbyists like a candidate, they skip the $20 handshake and go directly for the bearhug. And boy, did Joaquin Arambula get one heck of an embrace from Sacramento. Aided by his hopeful predecessor, Asm....

  • Rankings on Rankings

    POLL: Which Fresno bar should be on the city’s 10 Worst Bars list?

    By August 10, 2015

    The Fresno Bee’s George Hostetter reported on the bad bars of Fresno – the ones which give the State of California and City of Fresno a nasty hangover on a whole range of issues – and...

  • Small Gov

    Is Brooke Ashjian backing a recall of his FUSD colleagues?

    By August 6, 2015

    Strange things are afoot at Fresno Unified. New revelations of Fresno Unified’s Gastongate scandal coupled with a possible campaign to remove Superintendent Michael Hanson’s four “useful idiots” have made this week quite an interesting one....

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