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  • Small Gov

    FTA teeing up for showdown

    By October 15, 2015

    With no action taken on Fresno Unified’s attempt to pay for lawyers to personally represent Superintendent Michael Hanson, CFO Ruth Quinto and COO Karin Temple, a new problem is on the agenda. Those three little letters:...

  • Schools


    By October 14, 2015

    Fresh allegations against Fresno Unified’s leadership team emerged Wednesday evening, as Fresno Teachers Association president Tish Rice stated that sources told her that Fresno Unified employees were shredding documents apparently on orders from the district’s...

  • Election 2016

    Connie Perez sticking to the script

    By October 14, 2015

    This isn’t a re-run, but you’d be forgiven if you’ve seen this act before. Democrats have dragged another out-of-towner into a race against Rep. David Valadao. Last time, it was Amanda Renteria – whose claims...

  • Schools

    New worries: Fresno Unified privately huddling with lawyers

    By October 13, 2015

    The doors to the war room are reopening at the Fresno Unified district office. Tonight, Fresno Unified is holding a hastily-arranged closed session meeting to sit down with its lawyers. The only details released by the district...

  • Sports

    ‘EMBARRASSING’: Fresno State reaching for lowest low

    By October 11, 2015

    If you feel like you’re reliving 2011, you’re not alone. For it being homecoming, the Fresno State Bulldogs resembled a doormat during the latest Mountain West matchup against Utah State, losing 56-14. The dismal performance started very...

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