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  • Schools

    Evidence of Measure Q committee disappears

    By October 6, 2015

    Something is rotten in the Fresno County elections office. Documents and information surrounding the Yes on Measure Q committee appear to no longer available to the public.  CVObserver conducted a full search that, for multiple Measure...

  • No Agua

    This guy has a genius idea for solving California’s drought

    By October 1, 2015

    Earlier this week, we found out that Mars – of all places – has surface water. It’s a particularly tough blow to us Californians that the Red Planet has a better source of H20. Undeterred, one...

  • Schools

    Arax: Fresno Unified leadership talked via disappearing messaging app

    By September 28, 2015

    Mark Arax is out with another bombshell report on Fresno Unified’s leadership team and the growing Gastongate scandal. In the wake of a Federal subpoena for documents at Fresno Unified, Arax unveiled a disconcerting development: Fresno Unified officials,...

  • Election 2016

    Lamonski takes over for Tavlian at FREE

    By September 28, 2015

    FREE is beginning a changing of the guard at the top. Alex Tavlian, the outgoing leader of the committee, is stepping down as the group begins what appears to be a major transition. Here’s Tavlian’s statement, via his...

  • Small Gov

    City document dumps 500 pages of regulation changes

    By September 25, 2015

    In the waning days of Ashley Swearengin’s administration, the City of Fresno is embarking on arguably one of the biggest changes to Fresno’s development policy ever. A year after the victory on the 2035 General Plan, the City...

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