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Randa Jarrar Returns to CSU Fresno Late & Dancing

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Randa Jarrar Returns to CSU Fresno Late & Dancing

Randa Jarrar is teaching again at Fresno State University and was greeted with a band of personal friends and security.

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Fresno State professor Randa Jarrar returned from “personal medical leave” this morning as she entered to teach her first course of the semester, English 103 Masterpieces of American Literature.

Fresno State University (CSU Fresno) had four staff members stationed at multiple entrances of the Leon S. Peters Business Building beginning at 9:30 AM for her 10:00 AM class. Nine supporters of Randa Jarrar were wearing wigs and carrying a sign saying “We [Heart] Randa Jarrar” and escorted the professor to her class, which was planned ahead of time.

Jararr was dancing to a supporter singing “F*** you and your neo-Nazi Friends, I hope it all comes crashing down,  F*** you and your neo-Nazi Friends” in the hallway before entering into her course late.

Jararr spoke to reporters after class and talked about how much she loved and appreciated “beautiful Fresno” by stating:

“What I love about Fresno is the literary community . . . [Fresno] is the land that freed Angela Davis, in 1970 when she went up for bail . . . she was finally brought for bail, and Aretha Franklin was supposed to bail her out . . . and she couldn’t because she was in the West Indies doing a concert, so who bailed her out? A farmer from Fresno, a white farmer from Fresno bailed Angela Davis out of jail by putting up his dairy farm as collateral to get her out of jail, that’s the beautiful history of Fresno.”


Sad day for Fresno State. Fresno State expended resources thinking anti-Jarrar protesters would show up and cause harm, but the only disruption was the foul-mouthed Jararr supporter signing and yelling “F*** you” in the hallway.

Jarrar feels entitled because Fresno State has failed to discipline her or terminate her employment. The CSU Fresno campus newspaper, The Collegian, wrote about increased donations last academic year. The reality is this, the CSU system is liberal and as long as the donations continue, and liberal donations certainly will, Jarrar will always have her safe employment.



Tune into The Guillermo Moreno Show at 5:00 PM for my full analysis.


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Guillermo Moreno

Guillermo Moreno is Editor-in-Chief of CVObserver and radio host on TalkRadio 1680 KGED. A Valley native, Moreno is a graduate of Michigan State University Law School, Andrews University and San Joaquin Memorial High School.

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