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Meet the New Guy: Jim Verros discusses the inside track on CVObserver

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Meet the New Guy: Jim Verros discusses the inside track on CVObserver

CVO Editor-At-Large Jim Verros provides a look at the sale of CVObserver and what’s on the horizon.

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Yesterday, outgoing Publisher Alex Tavlian announced the sale of the CVObserver to AMG Media Group and welcomed me to the site. I am very excited to join the site as the Editor-At-Large.

I wanted to share a few insights as I’m getting settled in and attempting to answer the calls and text messages about CVObserver’s future.


Back in April, Alex and I sat down in Tower District and talked about the future of CVObserver. He was very interested in expanding the site’s presence and adding new features for readers. At the same time, he acknowledged that he was running out of gas and needed help to make this happen.

In the intervening months, we kept talking about some of the moves and additions that CVObserver would need to take to make a giant leap forward and help shape the site for the future.


This is the question I’ve fielded the most since yesterday’s announcement.

After talking with Alex, I began reaching out to a group of local investors looking to continue this brand. The pitch I made to them was simple: Fresno, and the Valley as a whole, deserves a voice that reflects them. CVObserver’s motto of delivering the Inside Track on the Central Valley is arguably the best call to action. They heeded the call and wholeheartedly support the moves we are about to make.

Importantly, AMG Media Group does not include any prior owners or financial supporters of CVObserver beyond our advertisers.

I’m proud to lead AMG Media Group and their development efforts here at CVObserver. I’m also very excited to work with Alex while he transitions out of his role as publisher.


First, expect more of the GHost. George Hostetter is a man who has forgotten more about Fresno’s City Hall than anyone will ever learn. His tenacious coverage will still continue to be an integral part of CVO.

I’m also working on culling new voices to contribute on the issues of the day. Expanding the number of voices here at CVObserver is perhaps the most critical aspect of our transition.

Lastly, we will be unveiling a new look for CVObserver in the next few months to some of our still-to-be-announced developments.

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Jim Verros

Jim Verros is the Editor-At-Large of CVObserver and senior partner of Olympic Property Services. He is a frequent contributor to KSEE24 and KMJ.

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