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Must Read: 8 recommendations after watching the March For Our Lives

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Must Read: 8 recommendations after watching the March For Our Lives


A majority of an estimated 1,500 – 2,000 that converged at Fresno High School this afternoon were adults, parents, and teachers. The minority in number were high school and college students. The intention of all in attendance, including political non-profit organizations and candidates from the Democratic party, send a message to political leaders: Gun Violence in America “take action or youth will.”

The audience heard speakers make the case for: universal background checks, assault weapons ban, AR 15 ban, bump stock ban, increasing age for gun purchases to 21 and additional funding for healthcare.

The March for Our Lives organizer and Clovis Community College student Yasmin Mendoza stated regarding the event,

“Trying to unite people in our community and I think student safety is something we should prioritize and we want to make this a focus today… hope to see Congress acting and trying to protect us as students.”

Voting against Devin Nunes, was encouraged by numerous speakers, including Mendoza, stating in Russian “до встречи на выборах,” which translates into “see you at the polls”.

Mendoza and all of the speakers encouraged those in attendance to vote at the polls to reduce gun violence in America and called on Devin Nunes to protect students.

When CVO asked Mendoza if her organization would allow armed guards on school campuses, she stated “we’ll take the necessary steps needed to do what we need to do.” After student speakers, a representative from Senator Kamala Harris, and congressional candidate Andrew Janz spoke. Students marched around Fresno High holding signs and banners.


Gun violence in America is a problem. If the message presented today was a focus on all homicides across the nation, and an honest discussion of what would actually pass with a bipartisan effort, the event might have appeared more neutral. I have no doubt the organizers and Democrat speakers lacked the desire to appear neutral or have an honest dialogue on what would curb school shootings or criminal gun violence in America.

My recommendations as a conservative at the event to those who attended are as follows:

1. The Second Amendment is important! Do not be quick to ditch it.

The Second Amendment should not be “repealed and replaced” as one sign read today. Every Amendment in the Bill of Rights is essential to our daily lives. Allow changes to our founding documents and the youth will discover how we will become similar to those nations where citizens have no voice or rights. Perhaps that is the problem, America’s youth take our rights for granted.

2. Biased, One Sided: Majority of speakers today were from the Democrat party, their call for “bipartisan gun control” was a failure today.

They called on the election of Andrew Janz over Congressman Devin Nunes. Beyond the obvious speaker line-up today, which included a representative of Kamala Harris and Andrew Janz himself, the speakers were clear on ensuring everyone voted in June and November for Democrat candidates.

3. Gun violence is an issue in America, but not addressing gang violence, unsafe neighborhoods, and weakening of our laws allowing more criminals to fester is missing the bigger picture.

4. Stay away from traditional left wing talking points and chants.

Talking points advancing leftist agenda are repetitive and lose any sense of original thought if continuously repeated. Spoiler alert, we’ve heard “hey, hey, ho, ho, NRA has got to go” many times. Also, do not forget the NRA has millions of Americans as members. Another spoiler alert, Andrew Janz is a gun owner.

5. Stop! the profanity on signs in front of children.

Children do not need to be introduced to the F word or read “vagina” because women feminists think everyone at any age should know what it is. Any message can be delivered successfully without profane language.

6. If these deranged killers do not have a gun, they will find another method. All of the talk was about gun control sprinkled with additional mental health. Students please realize, if an evil person desires to do harm, they will do it by any means necessary.

7. Do not allow your message to be hijacked by radical organizations.

Some speakers today mentioned Ferguson and Trayvon Martin. Students remember, these two cases have nothing to do with school shootings, so please do not let anyone convince you that they have any relevance in this debate.

8. Fresno Police department is an example to all.

The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas was a systematic break down in law enforcement. Fresno Police Department has an outstanding relationship with Fresno Unified. If students, teachers, and local law enforcement work together, these tragic events will not happen in our community.

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Guillermo Moreno

Guillermo Moreno is Editor-in-Chief of CVObserver and radio host on TalkRadio 1680 KGED. A Valley native, Moreno is a graduate of Michigan State University Law School, Andrews University and San Joaquin Memorial High School.



  1. Dan Waterhouse

    March 25, 2018 at 6:50 am

    The Fresno Police Department is a failure and an embarrassment for many people in Fresno. For example, if you bother to speak with Tower District residents and business people, they’ll tell you the police department (and the powers that be at City Hall) have abandoned the area. Many of them believe North Fresno gets preferential treatment from the PD and the City. Others believe the Tower has been sacrificed on the altar of downtown revitalization.

    In addition, we continue to have a chief who should be a lifetime sex offender registrant, not in law enforcement. His well-documented affair with an underaged girl should have led to his firing and prosecution. Unfortunately, “the Jesus” club at PD rescued him from a what should have been a well deserved fate.

    Lastly, money intended for education should not be diverted to buy technological toys for the PD. Let it be bought out of the City’s budget, not Fresno Unified’s.

  2. Bob Gobert

    March 25, 2018 at 9:59 am

    Amendments are, by definition, changes to our founding documents. And you consider “vagina” a “profane” word?

    I could go on, but your 8 points focus largely on the fringes of this movement. You dedicated one paragraph to the real message: “universal background checks, assault weapons ban, AR 15 ban, bump stock ban, increasing age for gun purchases to 21 and additional funding for healthcare.”

    These are not unreasonable measures and a large majority of Americans want these. What’s so hard about doing it? I’ll let you make up your mind about that. But don’t try to distract from these core issues.

  3. Karey

    March 25, 2018 at 10:01 am

    Dan Waterhouse, your comment has nothing to do with this article. But than you for your comments.
    Guillermo, you’re right on point. There were 4 different interviews of “student leaders” that I heard on the radio today and they were all the same speech from different kids. “We are the most mature voices for gun control. We have to clean up the adults’ mess. They’ve failed at keeping us safe at school. No one needs guns today…”. These are the same kids eating laundry soap and inhaling bug spray for a “high”.
    Sorry, but I remember the days when you could drive your truck into town with rifles in gun racks,leave the windows down and not worry about srealingtgem, or using them to shoot up a school or business. We respected tigers and their property. That’s what’s missing today. Teaching this generation respect for people, their property and human lives,

  4. Mike Tonews

    March 25, 2018 at 1:05 pm

    The NRA does not disclose their membership numbers. The last time their CEO talked about their numbers he said they had around 5 million, but they don’t report those numbers. 245 million is quite inaccurate and makes about as much sense as saying that the word “vagina” is profanity. Further, the interpretation of the 2nd amendment is debatable. In 1991 then retired Chief Justice Warren Burger said in a PBS news report “This is one of the greatest pieces of fraud by special interest groups on the American public that I have ever seen in my lifetime.” See his remarks at And remember that he was appointed by President Richard Nixon, a Republican. Without reasonable gun regulation, the skilled and well-intentioned Fresno police department will not be able to stop a similar attack on any Fresno school. According to Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit organization that continuously tracks gun-related death and injury reports based on official records, there have been 345 mass shootings in America in 2017 alone. Fresno PD is not any more able to protect students than police departments anywhere else in our country.

  5. Nopalero

    March 26, 2018 at 9:44 pm

    Written like a well conditioned sellout should. People like this guy are a danger to many communities. Looks like the people that need better representation but worships those In power and becomes a predator of his own.

    You argue that these kids are tools for adults. But it’s ironic that YOU were the fool that was brainwashed at some point. It’s easy to learn the talking points of conservatives, knowing its the most uneducated group in the country. It does take a true sellout, however, to have the nerve to sell his own out. You have it easy to climb the ranks of a futile cause. Maybe it suits you.

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