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Fresno PD and FUSD will not tolerate students making social media threats

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer, February 27, 2018 at Kings Canyon Middle School

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Fresno PD and FUSD will not tolerate students making social media threats

Fresno PD and FUSD send strong message to the community about taking each social media threat seriously in the wake of Florida shooting.

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During a press conference at Kings Canyon Middle School on Tuesday, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said students making threats on social media promoting violence on school campuses will be prosecuted regardless of age. Chief Jerry Dyer also stated,

“If they are old enough to make a post threatening people out of school, they are old enough to have handcuffs on and placed into the juvenile justice campus where they can come to their senses because they are not thinking clearly.”

Superintendent Bob Nelson and Chief Dyer had strong words for students and gave an example of a student who was taken into custody twenty minutes prior to the press conference, for terrorist threats made on social media.

Chief Dyer described 12 threats of violence on social media by students since February 15, 2018, which were all found to be not credible. The Chief described a student who said he made posts to show how gullible people were. Superintendent Nelson said all threats are taken extremely seriously and students involved would not only be charged under the penal code but would also be suspended and expelled.

The Chief and Superintendent expressed how the postings have contributed to poor attendance and caused fear for students and parents. Superintendent Nelson reminded students how posting these threats on social media would change their life forever.

Fresno Police Department was also concerned about diverting valuable resources to these threats when the officers could be addressing other pressing issues.

Superintendent Nelson encouraged parents to monitor their children’s social media accounts to know who they are talking to online. The Fresno Police Department and Fresno Unified School District will continue to monitor every threat to ensure the community is safe.

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Guillermo Moreno

Guillermo Moreno is Editor-in-Chief of CVObserver and radio host on TalkRadio 1680 KGED. A Valley native, Moreno is a graduate of Michigan State University Law School, Andrews University and San Joaquin Memorial High School.

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