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Perez drops out of 21st race

Election 2016

Perez drops out of 21st race

A splashy entrance and an embarrassing exit for Perez’s House campaign.

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Connie Perez, the sacrificial lamb recruit to take on Rep. David Valadao, is officially out of the race.

The news comes just weeks after she made a splashy announcement via YouTube.

John Ellis of The Fresno Bee was the first to report Perez’s withdrawal from the race.

Prior to her jumping into the race, Perez had already picked up support from Matt Rogers, the Fresno County Young Democrats chairman, who defected from the other Democrat running against David Valadao: Daniel Parra.

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The late entrant was considered to be the Democrats’ best, last hope to unseat Valadao in 2016 after a truly disappointing showing by Parra. Perez, like Parra earlier, hired Los Angeles-based consultants to wage the campaign, as has become the norm with local Democrats.

“In a district Democrats have lost by double digits for two cycles in a row, Connie Perez couldn’t help but read the writing on the wall,” NRCC spokesman Zach Hunter said in a statement. “After a lack of support from local Democrats and facing questions about her residency, Perez’s exit leaves Democrats with only a third tier candidate and virtually no hope for 2016.”

Out of the gate, Perez’s residency issue was at the top of the heap of a number of issues facing the Perez campaign. The substantiated charge was that, until recently, Perez hadn’t lived in the Fresno-Kings-Kern-Tulare county Congressional district.

Instead, Perez had been residing in Pasadena, where she had received a ballot in recent elections. Her upstart campaign team said that, despite receiving a ballot in Los Angeles County, Perez lived out of a hotel.

Valadao, the two-term incumbent, will now face Parra alone. There is no indication that another Democrat will be recruited to serve as a sacrificial lamb after Perez’s quick backpedaling.

The race now leaves Valadao in supremely good shape heading into 2016 and puts the 21st seat out-of-reach for Democrats in 2016.

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