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ABC30 POLL: Most support putting Hanson on leave


ABC30 POLL: Most support putting Hanson on leave

ABC30 poll has really bad news for the Fresno Unified Superintendent.

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Mike Hanson attempted to claim on Monday that he worked for the kids of Fresno Unified. But, come Thursday, the people who ensure those kids get to his schools – parents and taxpayers – aren’t so hot on the Superintendent.

A just-released ABC30 poll shows that 70% of Fresno Unified residents support placing Hanson on administrative leave during the Federal investigation into Insider Building. The same percentage of respondents believed that Hanson had either committed ethical violations or had outright broken the law.

The numbers are shocking, considering Hanson’s belief that he is made of Teflon. However, given the consistent attacks launched by the FTA and FREE and constant revelations unveiled by the two groups – from the use of Cyber Dust to allegations of evidence shredding – it gives credence to the two groups’ core arguments: Hanson is not fit to lead anymore.

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It also discredits the handful of Hanson defenders – including Useful Idiot Janet Ryan.

Today – a day that was likely to be an otherwise uneventful day that followed an otherwise uneventful school board meeting – turned violently negative between the poll, conducted by SurveyUSA, the leaking of a scathing letter from State Center Community College District Chancellor Bill Stewart to Hanson.

In the letter, Stewart slams Hanson for deliberately providing misinformation about performance rates at the area community colleges during Monday’s  State of Education lunch.

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Stewart’s letter argued that the rates for Fresno City College, Clovis Community College and Reedley College were roughly on par with state averages for preparedness and completion rates.

While the language Stewart used was overtly professional, the move to publicly shame Hanson is unique.

Despite a glowing review from former Clovis Unified chief Walt Buster a few weeks ago, Stewart’s scorching letter is a reminder that the educational community is not remotely at ease with an egocentric faux-technocrat at the helm of the city’s largest school district.

Of course, this is the moment when Fresno Unified students – whose 2% college preparedness rate is at the top of the heap of bad statistics – look up what a “technocrat” is.

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