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This ad dropped the hammer on Delta Smelt

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This ad dropped the hammer on Delta Smelt

It’s hard not to bash the Delta Smelt.

At just one-inch long and living in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, the Delta Smelt might just be the puniest fish in California. It’s also on track to become as rare as a unicorn. And yet, the smelt is a big, if not sole, reason that Federal water authorities have allowed Delta water to run into the ocean rather than to Central Valley farms and homes prior to this historic drought.

But just because the smelt is nearing the end of its role in an intergovernmental tug-of-war doesn’t mean that we can’t continue to poke fun of it.

And by poke fun of, we mean drop a sledgehammer. Like in this Bee ad that ran on Sunday:

The ad, paid for by Granville Research (a think tank underwritten by Granville Homes), is part of a campaign to push for increased water resources for the Valley.

It’s also the latest in a growing line of creative campaigns fighting for more water for the Valley.

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