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  • Arax: Fresno Unified leadership talked via disappearing messaging app

    By September 28, 2015

    Mark Arax is out with another bombshell report on Fresno Unified’s leadership team and the growing Gastongate scandal. In the wake of a Federal subpoena for documents at Fresno Unified, Arax unveiled a disconcerting development: Fresno Unified officials,...

  • Harris Construction finally makes a statement, sorta

    By September 14, 2015

    With the Federal government bearing down on Fresno Unified and its relationship with Fresno’s Harris Construction, the company opted for a new damage control strategy: look at the cuddly lions. Yes, in Sunday’s Fresno Bee, the...

  • In-N-Out: Fresno Unified’s shakeup

    By September 8, 2015

    One federal subpoena and the house of cards comes tumbling down, it seems. That’s the indication coming from Fresno Unified, where the district spent much of the past week hemming and hawing over a Federal...

  • Swearengin’s odd silence

    By September 1, 2015

    Ashley Swearengin’s been oddly quiet. The Fresno Mayor, just 16 months from leaving office, has been silent as the tomb over one of the growing controversies encircling the city. The kicker: she helped create it....

  • Michael Hanson’s week from hell

    By August 28, 2015

    This is a historically bad week for Michael Hanson. Just weeks removed from his triumphant – albeit expensive – convocation and the first day of school, Hanson is facing a crisis unlike any he’s experienced: he’s...

  • FTA delivering bombshell on schoolhouse steps

    By January 27, 2014

    The war against dirty tricks at Fresno Unified’s headquarters rolls on. With contract negotiations hitting a brick wall, and limited options left, the Fresno Teachers Association is joining in on the act. SEE ALSO: FTA teeing...

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