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Fresno Chamber comes out against Brown gas tax hike, breaks with CalChamber

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Fresno Chamber comes out against Brown gas tax hike, breaks with CalChamber

The Fresno Chamber of Commerce has a message to Gov. Jerry Brown: take a hike.

The local business group announced Wednesday in a release that it will oppose the Governor’s transportation infrastructure plan, a misnomer for a sizable gas tax hike and transportation user fee aimed at the burgeoning electric car trend.

The move is even more striking because it is a break from the position of CalChamber, the statewide business advocacy group. CalChamber is a high-profile supporter of Brown’s tax plan, with CalChamber CEO Allan Zaremberg attending the press event announcing the plan.

While it is a common misconception that the Fresno Chamber is a subsidiary of CalChamber, the two are distinct, wholly-separate organizations.

However, the two groups are often on the same page on key issues in Sacramento. Today? Not at all.

“The Legislature and our leaders in Sacramento have continued to ask for additional revenues for far too long, and each time that Californians have entrusted them with additional funding they have misused the monies and left us all with the bill and bad roads,” Fresno Chamber CEO Nathan Ahle said in a release. “Furthermore, there’s no indication in this proposal that the Central Valley will receive its fair share, especially considering the additional burden placed on businesses and residents in our region due to the nature of our travel patterns.”

Beyond the battle between chambers, Bakersfield Assemblyman Vince Fong has become chief antagonist of the Brown gas tax plan, including publishing a recent Op-Ed attacking it in The Fresno Bee.

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