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BENEDICT THROWBACK: Cannella praised “cheap gas” long before backing Brown’s gas tax hike

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BENEDICT THROWBACK: Cannella praised “cheap gas” long before backing Brown’s gas tax hike

Before GOP Sen. Anthony Cannella voted for the largest gas tax hike in Calif. history, he was praising cheap gas.

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There’s arguably no one less popular in the ranks of California Republican Party than Sen. Anthony Cannella. But a past Facebook post shows just how dramatically the GOP Senator has swung after his arguably most controversial vote.

For context: amid a dramatic legislative slog late Thursday night, the Ceres legislator struck a $500 million quid pro quo deal with Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic legislative leaders in exchange for his vote in support of Senate Bill 1, the state’s largest gas tax increase in history.

Cannella’s deal was aimed at extending the Altamont Corridor Express rail line from the Bay Area to his Merced County-centered district.

Cannella gets his rail line and Jerry Brown and Democrats get to rob Peter (California drivers) to allegedly pay Paul (Caltrans road construction).

But last January, Anthony Canella was singing a different tune about the price of gasoline:


Cannella’s photo caption reads: “My 401k is down 20% but at least I saved $10 because gas is so cheap.”

Thanks to Cannella, those words will be rarely uttered heard at gas stations in California going forward. Neither will the eradication of potholes on Highway 99 in Merced County.

Photo: AP Photo

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